• Dear all,

    I have a Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR which I like to use. As this is all totally new for me I have several questions.

    As I live in an apartment it isn’t possible for me to use a dish but I understand you can also use the dreambox by streaming through internet. Is this correct ?

    If so which site can I use to stream ?

    Furthermore do I need to buy a cards which I need to put in the dreambox or is streaming through a site sufficient ?

    Would it be possible to receive channels from South America (Argentina and Brazil), preferably sports channels ?

    Thanks in advance for your help
  • If by streaming you mean IPTV - then yes, to some degree watching IPTV is possible.
    See this thread for some examples. So if you know an IPTV provider that broadcasts DVB-compliant unencrypted IPTV streams of South American sports channels, the dreambox might be able to play them. But this possibility is not very likely.

    Another option would be to use the specific PnP tuners to suit your needs. If satellite is not an option, cable or DVB-T might be?
    Without a DVB signal you won't have very much fun with a dreambox..