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Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011, 16:04

dm800 pvr

Hi having some major issues with my dm800 I flashed it with some patched clone image by mistake and ended up messing the box up

Couldnt get it talking with dreamup but then used a patched version and got the box talking again, tried flashing with a different image but nothing seems to be working so I came here and used the original image for the 800 pvr dm800 3.0.3.nfi and flashed that it it was working again. Now I know this is not a clone as i Brought this when it first came out before there was any talk of clones and from that 3.0.3.nfi image I checked with the blue panel that it was legit.

when I turn the power on and hold the button I can get onto the firmware upgrade page and have this Booloader version: Dreambox Second Stage Loader BUILD #76, built 20100419
but when I goto the flash firmware page I add the new .nfi file but when I click on flash it does nothing just sits there I can keep clicking on flash but it does nothing at all. Can someone help me resolve this as I have flashed the box so many times with dreamup and waiting an hour to find out its still the same is driving me nuts....

Thanks for your time and help



Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011, 19:30

Try a different browser and don't visit crappy clone supporting homepages ;)
so long