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Samstag, 19. Februar 2011, 17:43

Dreambox 800HD with 2 dishes 1 motorized one fixed with DiSEqC Switch.. Possible?

Hi All,

As the subject says.. Currently have a 1.2M motorized dish in southern europe on my DM800HD which works fine, however I can't get some channels and experience some interference when weather is bad while viewing Sky UK on Astra (28.8E)

What I want to do is put a fixed 2.4m or 3.7m petal dish pointing at 28.8E with it's own LNB and have both that dish and the existing dish and positioner (DiSEqC) connected to the DM800HD with another DiSEqC swtich (was thinking about using the Spaun SAR411F).. Now can the DM800HD be setup to use the motor for all satellites except Astra 28.8E and auto switch to the second dish when Astra 28.8E is selected? If so how would one configure it (my current investigations seem to indicate that it can use both but not automatically but as I'm only a novice it might be I've missed something - I am very familiar with UNIX (and Linux) so getting into config files is not a problem if it can't be done from the Enigma2 interface that was installed on it)?



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